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Currently a secondary school Visual Arts teacher, Alexis Ip practiced pottery and sculpture under the guidance of Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Chan Chung Kong and Mr. Chu Tat Shing. His FOTOMO work “The Blue House” and his pottery work “The Old Memories” were selected in the Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2005. His FOTOMO work “Hong Kong Image, Fa Yuen Street” is the winner of Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Award 2009. Alexis works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Arts and overseas art lovers. Artists influenced by Dadaism of the 1920’s turned out a large amount of photomontage. Readymades by Marcel Duchamp also included collages. Alexis Ip’s 3-dimensional Fotomo (i.e. photo + model) is contrary to high technology ; his creation is hand-crafted from a collage of numerous photographs depicting old neighbourhoods, street scenes and the celebrations of festivals. Trivial stories within a big city are contained in his model of micro-photos.

葉家偉 Alexis Ip,中學視藝科教師。先後隨陳國光、陳松江及朱達誠老師學習陶藝及雕塑。作品《藍屋》 及《舊記憶》入選2005香港藝術雙年展;攝影浮雕《香港影像:花園街》獲香港當代藝術雙年獎 2009 優秀作品獎。作品為本地及海外藝術愛好者收藏。受到1920年代達達主義影響的藝術家們創造了大量的蒙太奇照片,其中表表者就包括有法國藝術家 Marcel Duchamp 的攝影拼貼。而葉家偉的立體攝影浮雕 Fotomo (攝影 photo + 模型 model) 創作形式與⾼科技背道⽽馳,他的作品全是手工製作,將大量的攝影作品拼貼為浮雕,主題多反映香港舊區、老街及傳統節⽇慶典活動。 在這個大城市看似微不足道的故事卻在他的作品中看見。

A trailer about the group exhibition HK Dimensions including Alexis Ip

A short documentary about Alexis Ip and the making of his work.

Mr Alexis Ip is among the few art teachers in Hong Kong who can both teaching and artistic creation at the same time. Amid his heavy teaching duties, he walks through streets and alleys to record everything in the community with his camera. He combines them with Fotomo, an art form gaining popularity in recent years, which shows the scenery, emotions and culture in a three-dimensional way. Apart from making his own creations, Mr Ip collaborates with different groups in Hong Kong and overseas to promote Fotomo in schools and communities, allowing more people to learn about this creative technique and raising public awareness of local culture.
— Rowena, Cheung Po Man, 2014, Chairman of Hong Kong Society for Education in Art
— 張寶雯, 2014, 香港美術教育協會會長

葉家偉 Alexis Ip, Hop Yick Store (Stanley), Hong Kong 2018, mixed media & collage, framed to 58 x 44 cm, open edition, HK$ 12,500 inlcuding frame.


葉家偉 Alexis Ip, 中環嘉咸街蜃食檔  Snack Stall on Graham Street (Central,  Hong Kong, 2017), “Fotomo” 3-D Collage open edition, H 60 x 66 cm, HK$ 15,000 including frame, H 60 x 66 cm

葉家偉 Alexis Ip, 中環嘉咸街蜃食檔 Snack Stall on Graham Street (Central, Hong Kong, 2017), “Fotomo” 3-D Collage open edition, H 60 x 66 cm, HK$ 15,000 including frame, H 60 x 66 cm

I want to bring back the old street scenes of Hong Kong through my works.
— Alexis Ip, 2018

葉家偉 Alexis Ip, 水果檔·中環,  Fruit Stall (Central, Hong Kong) , 2018, open edition FOTOMO artwork (mixed media collage)m framed to H 45 x 26 x 7 cm, HK$ 11,000

葉家偉 Alexis Ip, 水果檔·中環, Fruit Stall (Central, Hong Kong), 2018, open edition FOTOMO artwork (mixed media collage)m framed to H 45 x 26 x 7 cm, HK$ 11,000


葉家偉 Alexis Ip, 秋記紙業·中環, Chau Kee Paper Offerings (Central, Hong Kong, 2017), “Fotomo” 3-D Collage open edition, H 60 x 85 cm, HK$ 18,800 including frame

— 葉家偉, 2018

葉家偉 Alexis Ip, 金城海味·九龍城 Kam Shing Dried Seafood (Kowloon City, Hong Kong, 2018) 97 x 66 cm, HK$ 19,500 including frame

Normally we see everything three dimensionally but in photography everything is turned two dimensional. What is so special about my works is the two dimensional is turned back into three dimensional though many layers. As a result the most ordinary street scenes like a vegetable or fruit vendor which people hardly pay attention to become magical.
— Alexis Ip, 2018

葉家偉 Alexis Ip , 中環電車路, Tramway in Central (Hong Kong, 2018), “Fotomo” 3-D Collage open edition, H20 x 30 cm, HK$ 6,800 including frame

— 葉家偉, 2018

葉家偉 Alexis Ip , 維多利亞港, Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong, 2017), “Fotomo” 3-D Collage open edition, H21 x 30 cm, HK$ 6,800 including frame


葉家偉 Alexis Ip "Barbershop in Wan Chai" [Hong Kong, 2012]




- 葉家偉

葉家偉 Alexis Ip "灣仔太原街維記", Wai Kee Aquarium, [Hong Kong, 2016]

Let me first introduce to you the story of one of my works, Man Yuen Noodles. Man Yuen Noodles was a roadside food stall established for more than 80 years on Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong. In summer 2005, as the license holder of the stall Mr Wong passed away, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department ordered the stall to return its operating license. Wong’s family members appealed to the department for clemency to transfer the license such that the stall with its distinctive local flavor could be preserved.

It turned out that the Hong Kong Tourism Board also recommended this special food stall on an official pamphlet handed out to tourists. For the preservation of the stall, district councillors supporting the conservation offered a helping hand and asked the media to report on the stall. Coupled with signature campaign they organized, the incident generated a lot of buzz.

Built with green metal sheet on a slope, the stall provided several foldable tables set up in the street. Customers could please their taste buds on a bustling street. The dish of vegetable you ordered was bound to slide on a table placed on a slope. You had to hold it with one hand and wipe your sweat with the other, all the while enjoying the gorgeous food.

After finishing the noodles, I took out my camera and made a dozen shots, which would become a Fotomo work after I got home. A detailed study of the composition revealed a few missing tables of customers, so I decided to return a week later to fill in the gap.

In less than a week, the stall had vanished. What remained at the original site was a waste land with a pile of construction materials under the bright sun. Leo Ku’s song “Love Too Late” seemed to be playing in the distance.

-Alexis Ip

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