The Blue Moment #14

The Blue Moment #14.jpg
The Blue Moment #14.jpg

The Blue Moment #14

from 28,000.00

Archival pigment print on metallic pearl paper

mounted on aluminum acrylic face-mount.

Edition of 9 + 2 AP’s for each size:

90 x 60 cm HK$28,000

120 x 80 cm. HK$38,000

150 x 100 cm HK$48,000

print is also available without alu/facemount at 15% discount on above mentioned prices

delivery is free of charge for most places in Hong Kong (except for outer islands)

international shipping, and taxes if (any) is not included in above prices

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‘The blue moment’ is an architectural series captured in the day’s final moments, before dusk settles over the metropolis. Enveloped in a deep blue blanket, artificial and natural light combine to form a mystical environment. ‘The blue moment’ shows hong kong as it is; a high-density urban atmosphere, yet one that is no less immune to nature’s omni-present influence.

For more information on the work and artist please click here.