Book: The Tiger Hunters of Tai O | John Saeki

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Book: The Tiger Hunters of Tai O | John Saeki


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Hong Kong, 1954. The British colony was not yet ready to hear about a Eurasian policeman having an affair with the police commissioner’s daughter. Twenty-two-year-old Simon Lee tasted swift punishment. He was banished to the outer fringes of the territory, to the far tip of a wild and distant island a stone’s throw from Chinese waters — to Tai O, the ancient and murky trading post where fishermen, salt-farmers and refugees were thrown together with spies, pirates and triads. Pink dolphins swam the waters, eagles fished the sea, and some still believed that a tiger prowled the hills at night.

It was a place haunted by history, where everybody had a secret about what they did during the war.

Life was unpredictable for the band of beer-swilling misfits that staffed Tai O Police Station. Some said they needed reining in. But when a stranger was murdered on a beach, accused of being a Communist spy, Lee found himself on an unexpected collision course with his own masters in Central. Who had the dead man been working for? What did the secret agents know? Why was Central so eager to brush the execution aside? And who or what really was the ‘tiger’?

Media attention

“Saeki paints a colourful portrait of Hong Kong in the 1950s, capturing the spirit of the times in this page-turning police thriller. Sometimes hilarious, and sometimes deadly serious, readers will be fascinated by the intrigue and politics of the era. Though Hong Kong — especially Tai O — has certainly changed over the past century, local readers will find Simon Lee’s world a familiar place, and yet also learn many secrets of the former colony…” — Ray Hecht, author of South China Morning Blues

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“The author brilliantly pieces together these rich historical materials to give each character a legend of their own. Saeki pays as much attention to side characters as he does to his main protagonist, Simon Lee. Looking into different characters provides readers with not only the many aspects of the story, but also the different facets of everyday life in Hong Kong in the 1950s. For example, Madam Li, the former Communist member who fled to the colony as a refugee, helps to link the local history to political turmoil during China’s long twentieth century. Another character worth mentioning is Simon’s partner Jagan Singh, whose Indian heritage leads to him suffering serious episodes of racism. Nonetheless, the huge variety of characters on display and the drama between them reflect just how much diversity this geographically small city has to offer.” — Jason Chu, Hong Kong Review of Books

About the author

John Saeki runs the graphics desk in the Hong Kong office of the international newswire Agence France-Presse. He spends his working days writing, designing and editing maps, charts and information graphics on world news. When he is not composing explainers and factfiles on spy scandals, refugee crises and wildlife, he likes to explore the historical trails and villages of Hong Kong. And when he is not doing that, he might well be writing songs about the scandals of the territory and the hopes and aspirations of its people. He has lived in Hong Kong for 17 years and is raising a family in the strange, mixed-up place he calls home.