Marc Progin


The intention of this extraordinay expedition with a camel caravan in the midst of a mongolian winter...

were to travel back in times in search of our human roots. On route he Marc not only discovered  traces of ancient civilizations, empires and lost cultures dating back millenniums. He also discovered spectacular nature scenes in this endless vast open space.

Marc Progin takes us on a wintry and cosmic migration through the ages of Mongolia history. As much on earth as in times past, it is a spatial exploration of human as well as natural history. Its climate is harsh. Wolves and birds of prey live alongside Mongol clans as nomads, migrating freely from the present to the past, slowly drifting with the progress of their caravans.





Marc Progin, 71, a HK permanent resident for 40 years, is a Swiss watchmaker retired from time.

Over his adult lifetime he built up an incredible endurance running ultra marathons. Since his retirement he frequently travels alone though the Gobi dessert: in summer on foot or by bike and in winter by joining a caravan of nomads on camels braving snow blizzards and temperatures as low as -40C. He designs his own maps, navigates with the sun, the stars and a compass.

The whole purpose of these challenging journeys is to clear his mind from the clutter, noise and distractions of contemporary life to make space for his creativity. In the open space of the desserts he finds his inspiration for his many writings of poetry and literature. To evidence the beauty of the desert he started to photograph his journeys. 

Learn more about Marc Progin's story through the interview as published by SCMP




Marc Progin's work will be exhibited by Blue Lotus Gallery through a pop-up exhibition in Ghent, Belgium 11-20 August. For more details please click here.

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