Pete Ross

Pete Ross "Organic Form" [Hong Kong, 2018]

I’m fascinated by the idea of evolving and transitional cities and the contradiction of the solidity of urban form vs the organic flowing nature of urban life. I was originally interested in objects, spaces and memories and urban identity which has now evolved into studying city structure as a living entity. In much of my recent work I use detail pen work to define urban structure and to represent a solidity and then use free-flow ink to represent an organic, unpredictable nature. The result is often a feeling of transition, frailty and beauty.
— Pete Ross 2018

All the above works are created using ink, pen and spray paint.


I do a lot of meticulous pen work, which sort of hems back to that idea of a super detailed city, structures and systems, its all very repetitive, facades and window placements and it becomes very exacting, that very kind of built structural form. I play a lot with fluid ink and fluid abstract forms… to kind of represent those two issues, is a static form but then with a fluid nature.
— Pete Ross 2018

Pete Ross is an award winning Hong Kong artist. In 2013 he won the People's Prize at Asia Contemporary and was selected in 2017 as 40 under 40 creative leaders of today and tomorrow. At the end of 2017 he was shortlisted for the Human Rights Art Prize. His work has been exhibited in Hong Kong and London and has been represented by Cat Street Gallery and Blue Lotus Gallery. Pete Ross was born in Hong Kong in 1985. Drawn towards architecture and its relation with people during a time of change and political uncertainty. Pete is now a RIBA architect and artist in Hong Kong with a keen interest in socio-urban interactions.