Riitta Kuisma

Riitta Kuisma, Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas

Riitta Kuisma, Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas

Born in Finland, Riitta Kuisma is a child of the woods. They were her playground, her muse for fairy tale fantasies and her summer escape. Even today,

living close to Shing Mun reservoir here in Hong Kong, nature still serves as her main inspiration. Meticulous fine pen drawings of magical owls, butterflies, dragonflies and the woods all witness of her tender relation to Finnish forests, their inhabitants and nature itself.

Riitta Kuisma is a Hong Kong based Finnish visual artist. She studied Visual Arts at Turku Arts Academy, Finland and continued her studies in Moscow, where she received her Master of Fine Arts in Monumental Painting and Art Criticism from Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts (named Stroganov) in 1996. Over the years she has been under the influence of different cultures and societies (Finnish, Russian, Indian and Chinese).

The artist has held solo exhibitions in Europe, India and Hong Kong. Her works can be found in public and private collections in Europe (Finland, Russia, England, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain), Asia (Hong Kong, China, India and Japan), Australia and Canada. She has received grants for her works and projects from Finnish Cultural Foundation.