About Malcolm Golding

Malcolm, Tea House, HK 2015_ws.jpg


Malcolm Golding, born in Engand 1946 moved to Hong Kong in the early eighties right after this journey through India  where he worked on the movie  'Siddhartha' as art director.

In his early career as an artist he was inspired by the erotic world which translated in kinky abstract drawings of zipped up high shoes, bosoms strapped in corsets and lots of chains. 

These days he is very busy with many projects on demand for large scale paintings and murals  in hotels and public spaces. However his current real passion is observing Hong Kong and translate his views into high contrast drawings. His use of pencil is remarkable; pushed down on paper with so much force and confidence they remind us of charcoal drawings. Derived from a reality, the final result is twisted and obscured to his personal views. He explore the mundane and presents them to us in a playful manner. 

Eventually all these drawings will be bundled in a book which will Hong Kong by storm in the foreseeable future. 

Stay tuned...


About the works on paper:

Golding's pencil drawings are all on paper size of about 40 x 60 cm. Each one is unique.

Price is HK$15,000 for each work. Please contact sarah@bluelotus-gallery.com for further inquiries. 

The artist's studio is located in Chai Wan, near the gallery and can be visited on appointment.