Address: G/F 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan Hong Kong.
地址: 香港上環磅巷28號地下

Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am to 6pm
開放時間: 星期三至星期日 11am至6pm

Our gallery is walking distance from Central/ Soho and nestled on a quiet pedestrian terrace across from Mana Cafe and Yoga Bam Bam on top of Po Hing Fong / Tai Ping Shan.
我們畫廊距離中環 / 蘇豪區僅數步之遙,座落於普慶坊 / 太平山街頂部,在Mana Cafe和Yoga Bam Bam對面的一個寧靜行人階梯旁。

Contact 聯絡我們:

Christina Jensen (gallery manager)  | christina@bluelotus-gallery.com | + 852 5590 3229

Sarah Greene (director)   |   sarah@bluelotus-gallery.com   |   + 852 6100 1295

You can reach us by :

Walking up Pound Lane from Hollywood Road.

Walking down Pound Lane from Hospital Road.

Taxi Directions: Driving from Hollywood Road [Sheung Wan], turn right on Ladder Street just before Man Mo Temple, this street quickly turns onto Square Street, follow the road till you reach Po Hing Fong street up the hill on the right-hand side and continue straight to the end of this street. You then only have to walk up one flight of steps to reach us.

Citybus #3B, #12, #12M, #40, #40M, #103

First Bus #13, #23B

Mini Bus GMB #10, #31 to Caine Road

MTR Sheung Wan exit A, walk up to Hollywood Road then up Pound Lane

Sai Ying Pun exit A, walk in the direction of Central. Turn right up New Street. Right up Po Yan Street. Left up Po Hing Fong. Right Up Pound Lane.

Sai Ying Pun exit C, walk in the direction of Central on Bonham Road. Walk down to Hospital Road. Down Upper Station Street. Left down Tai On Terrace.

We are very sorry to inform you that our location is not accessible by wheel chair due to Pound Lane being a staircase street.




的士路線:從荷李活道[上環]上車,在文武廟前的樓梯街右轉直達四方街,沿著道路行駛到山坡右方上的普慶坊,並繼續直行至街道盡頭下車。 然後您只需走上一段行人階梯即可到達畫廊。


小巴路線:#10、#31 在堅巷下車


上環站A出口 - 往荷李活道然後向上走至磅巷。

西營盤A出口 - 向中環方向走,右轉到新街;再右轉至普仁街;左轉上普慶坊;然後右轉到磅巷。

西營盤C出口 - 沿般咸道向中環方向走到醫院道, 在差館上街左轉到大安臺。