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Duo Exhibition: 'RECONSTRUCT' by 葉家偉 Alexis Ip X Stefan Irvine

  • Blue Lotus Gallery 28 Pound Lane Hong Kong Island Hong Kong (map)

葉家偉 Alexis Ip X Stefan Irvine


9 August - 15 September 2019

The Last Tong Lau - Stefan Irvine 'Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po' (Hong Kong, 2014) Courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

Exhibition Dates: 9 August - 15 September 2019


Opening Reception: Thursday 8 August, 6–9 pm

開幕日期:2019年8月8日 下午6-9時

Artist Talk with Stefan Irvine: Saturday 17 August, 4–6 pm

Stefan Irvine分享會日期:2019年8月17日 下午4-6時

‘Fotomo’ 3D photo-collage workshop with Alexis Ip: Thursday 7 September, 4–6 pm, $350 per person

葉家偉-立體攝影浮雕 Fotomo工作坊:2019年8月7日 下午4-6時, 費用每人$350

Blue Lotus Gallery: G/F 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Opening Hours: Wed - Sun | 11am to 6pm

開放時間:星期三至星期日 上午11時-下午6時

RECONSTRUCT is a new duo exhibition that showcases two artists who work with the reassembling of photographs, contrasting each other in how they ultimately manipulate them: one via analogue techniques and the other digital. Alexis Ip is known for his 3D ‘Fotomo’ collage, developed in his classroom where he has been a teacher for many of Hong Kong’s children as well as inspiring local artists through his popular workshops. Stefan Irvine’s now iconic and still expanding photo-series, ‘The Last Tong Lau,’ plays in the digital domain by re-stitching numerous images together, manifesting in a seamless creation that appears hyper-real and simultaneously surreal. Both artists tell stories of Hong Kong’s rich heritage by responding to it’s disappearing architecture and street culture due to the city’s perpetual ‘work-in-progress’ nature. The medium in-which each artist creates effortlessly demonstrates their artistic inquiry, producing works of immense handicraft, discipline and perfected reconstruction. Art imitates life and RECONSTRUCT shows two artists who creatively re-organise reality in order for us to see it more clearly, and in effect better remember, cherish and learn from it.

The exhibition will feature about 20 works from both artists including Alexis Ip’s 2019 collaboration ‘3D Neon Fantasies’ with Keith Macgregor. There will also be an Artist Talk by Stefan Irvine and a 3D ‘Fotomo’ photo collage workshop with Alexis Ip during the exhibition.

葉家偉 Alexis Ip '維記水族‧灣仔 Wai Kee Aquarium (Wanchai)' (Hong Kong, 2019) Courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

葉家偉 Alexis Ip_portrait.jpg
Normally we see everything three dimensionally but in photography everything is turned two dimensional. What is so special about my works is the two dimensional is turned back into three dimensional though many layers. As a result the most ordinary street scenes like a vegetable or fruit vendor which people hardly pay attention to become magical.

— 葉家偉 Alexis Ip, 2018
As I explored the various districts of Kowloon, I was increasingly drawn towards tong lau architecture because of its many unique characteristics, such as the curved ends, the verandahs designed to shelter pedestrians, and the vibrant communities living and working inside.

「 而當我探索九龍的各個地區時,我被唐樓眾多獨一無二的特徵所吸引,例如兩端彎曲的轉角樓宇彎、為庇護行人的走廊設計、以及對於生活和工作充滿活力的社區色彩。」
— Stefan Irvine, 2019
Stefan Irvine_potrait.jpg

Stefan Irvine 'Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei' (Hong Kong, 2017) Courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

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