Book: Michael Wolf | Cheung Chau Sunrises

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cc sunrise book cover.jpg

Book: Michael Wolf | Cheung Chau Sunrises


The new series by the photographer Michael Wolf shows the tremendous natural spectacle of the sunrises over the bay of Hong Kong and expands his photographs into the dimensions of painting and freedom.

Hardcover, cloth, 22 x 28,4 cm 104 pages with 80 illustrations English | German

Edition of 1.000 copies, February 2019


ISBN 978-3-9819805-5-4

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From his home on Hong Kong’s Cheung Chau shore, Michael Wolf has been photographing sunrises for the past two years, from 5:30am to 7:30am each morning, developing the concept of a new series, both inspired by paintings and topographic photography.

The fascinating shots of these timeless and as well tran- sient natural spectacles, appear as a contrast to the previous work of Michael Wolf, which addressed the lack of space and the adaptation to economic condi- tions in large cities. In the context of his socio-critical work, Wolfs Discovery of Heaven and the Horizon is to be understood as a draft of freedom, in a place that is synonymous with extreme working and living condi- tions.

Now for the first time, the series Cheung Chau Sunriseshas been shown in the retrospective exhibition Michael Wolf—Life in Cities at the Haus der Photographie in Hamburg.

Wolf was awarded first prize in the World Press Photo competition in 2005 and 2010, and as well an honora- ble mention in 2011. In 2010, and again in 2017 he was shortlisted for the Prix Pictet photography prize.